September 11, 2016

PLEASE WELCOME OUR NEW STAFF MEMBER We are pleased to announce that Tom Welch, former Pastor of Southwest Church, has been hired as a part-time Associate Pastor. Thank you to all who pledged to increase your giving to help us add Tom to the staff. Please welcome Tom today as he shares God’s Word with us.

PICTORIAL DIRECTORIES HAVE ARRIVED! If you were photographed for the Directory, please pick up your free copy at the Information Desk. We have some extra copies for those of you who would like a Directory, but were not able to be pictured in it. However, we must make sure we meet our commitment to everyone photographed first, so please be patient and wait a week or two to allow us to accomplish that. Also, note that all the Directories look alike, so please write your name on yours when you receive it so if you leave it under your chair or on a table, we can get it back to you!

GOOD NEWS CLUB (GNC) Please pray for the core team of 12 who will be operating the GNC at Prairie Lake Elementary school starting in late October. Carol Rich, the primary teacher for the team, will begin special teacher training next Saturday, the 17th, for 5 consecutive Saturdays, with the rest of the team joining for team training on October 8th. Let's keep the entire team in your prayers as they go through the process of preparing for the club kickoff!


Beginning today, at 9 am, in Room 260, Cassie Largaespada and Jessica Cline started the study, Pulling the Thread by Jen Hatmaker. All women are invited to participate. There’s still time to join. See Cassie or Jessica or note on your Communication Card if you would like to attend.

40 DAYS OF LOVE This is a movement we are encouraging everyone to be involved in for the 40 days between September 19th and October 29th. It is a focus on Praying, Caring and Sharing, with a very simple, easy-to-follow plan. Brochures will be available for the next couple of weeks as we prepare ourselves for another way to be The Church in our community.

YOU ARE THE BRANCHES If you haven’t found just where your “branch” fits in yet, we want to help! Simply go to our website,, go to the Resources tab, and select You Are the Branches from the drop-down menu. Fill out and submit the form, and we’ll help you get plugged in to a place of ministry.