November 30, 2014

*PROGRESSIVE DINNER *This Friday, December 5th, RED Students are invited to participate in a Progressive Dinner beginning at 6pm. See any Student Ministry sponsor for details. Students, be sure to sign up today!

*BEYOND YOUR FENCE *Angel Tree gifts must be returned by next Sunday, December 7th. Gifts should be no more than $20. They should be wrapped, and have the blue or pink angel attached to the bottom. Thank you for choosing to be The Church in this way. This is one very tangible way to share the love of Christ to our brothers at the Bridge and their children.

The Bridge Family Christmas Day will be Saturday, December 13th. This is a great be-The-Church opportunity for us, as we minister to the guys and their families. We will be doing face painting and helping out with the concessions. Let a Staff member know if you would like to participate.

*COMING IN DECEMBER *During the month of December, we will break from The Story, and focus on Presence. The challenge is to spend less ($) and give more (quality time, personal presence), both to those we know and love, and to those who need to experience the presence of the Savior through us. Will you take the challenge? Will you join us on the journey and see what a difference Presence can make in your life, in your family, in your community?

*THANKSGIVING BASKETS *Thank you to all of you who participated so generously in gathering items and preparing the Thanksgiving Baskets. It was such a joy to give them – all the fixins, a turkey and a homemade pie – to 20 families who were grateful beyond words for your generosity and compassion. Their hearts were touched and the light of Christ was seen through this simple gift!

*DECORATING FOR CHRISTMAS *This next week, we will be decorating the building for the Christmas season. If you are available to help, please contact Chip David for specific days and times when he is scheduling decorating crews.

*ONE LESS HELPS ONE *Will you consider buying one less gift for the people on your list this Christmas so that you can give the money saved to one of our International Ministry focus groups/individuals. Your missions giving regularly supports Joe & Mercy Neiboer, Lexi McNair, No Child Hungry and our district’s Church Multiplication Fund. Indicate “one less helps one” on your offering envelope, and your contribution will be directed to one of these. And remember, this Christmas don’t just buy less, Give More Presence!

FINANCES *11/24/2014 – YTD DATA*

BUDGET $270,540

General Fund Income & OTHER DESIGNATED INCOME $240,247




EXPENSES $282,634