December 28, 2014


*HOLIDAY SCHEDULE *There will be no Wednesday night groups – adult, student or children’s – on the 31st. We trust you will gather with neighbors, friends and family to welcome 2015.

Our office will be closed this entire week to give the Staff a much needed break. If you should have an emergency situation arise, please call the office (407.295.4381) and leave a message for Pastor Dan on extension 13. We will return your call very quickly to assess and assist.

*CONGREGATIONAL MEETING *As we continue to work to be good stewards of God’s resources, our Elder team is in the process of negotiating a refinance of our mortgage. The new loan would be through the Alliance Development Fund, a financial subsidiary of the C&MA, and will reduce our interest rate, our monthly payment, and potentially, the term of our loan. A congregational vote is required to proceed. We trust you remember that that meeting is scheduled immediately following today’s service. All regular attenders are encouraged to stay to hear the details. The meeting will be very brief.

*THE STORY CONTINUES *Next Sunday, we will return to The Story journey together. If you fell a little behind in the fall, this week is a good time to catch up. Read through chapter 13, The King Who Had it All, and be ready to pick up The Story at chapter 14, *A Kingdom Torn in Two *next week.

*HAITI, HERE WE COME! *We are looking ahead to June, 2015, when we will participate with No Child Hungry in a missions trip to Haiti. If you are at all interested in being a part, contact either Cassie Largaespada (students) or Gayle Stanley (everyone else). Applications are now available.

*FOOD PANTRY NEEDS HELP *We are looking for someone to administer the Food Pantry Ministry which involves being at the church building for about 1 ½ hours on Thursday mornings, meeting with those who request assistance, distributing food, and mostly, giving the gift of your compassion and presence. If this Ministry opportunity is calling you, contact the church office. We are so grateful to Jeanine Mauvais, who has served faithfully in this capacity for several years! Jeanine has taken a full-time job, and is no longer available to volunteer her time. This change in her situation leaves a huge hole to fill! Thank you, Jeanine, for your gracious, effective and compassionate service on behalf of Westwood Church to this community!

FINANCES *12/22/2014 – YTD DATA*

BUDGET $302.328

General Fund Income & OTHER DESIGNATED INCOME $274,824




EXPENSES $312,250