January 25, 2015

*CONGREGATIONAL MEETING *There will be a very brief Congregational Meeting immediately following service in two weeks - on Sunday, February 8th, to elect congregational representatives to the Nominating Committee.

*END OF THE YEAR (2014) GIVING STATEMENTS *2014 Giving Statements are available on the table at the back of the sanctuary. They are in alphabetical order and we would encourage you to pick them up as quickly as possible. This will save the church the cost of mailing, and that is good stewardship of God’s resources. Thank you for your continued support of God’s Ministry through Westwood Church.

*ANOTHER WAY TO BE THE CHURCH *We need more people who are willing and able to help provide transportation for our guests from the Orlando Bridge. There is an approval procedure, so please see Pastor Dan for information. A special thanks to Keith Carney for many months of faithful service transporting our guests to and from services.

*FOOD PANTRY NEEDS YOUR HELP *Our supplies are low in the following categories: pasta sauce, canned fruit, hearty soups, powdered milk, peanut butter & jelly, cereal, boxed mac & cheese, tuna/hamburger helper dinners. We have lots of vegetables and baby food. Thank you for your faithful contributions for our community.

*WOMEN’S EVENT *Coffee with Leah Richardson at Deltona Alliance, Saturday, February 7, 10am. See Val Daly or Pam David for information, or up a flyer and sign up at the Information Desk

*Special Financial Needs *Work is being done on the A/C duct work. We have received enough in special gifts to cover the original estimated cost. However as the work continues, additional areas of damage have been uncovered, increasing the cost of repairs. We also have some significant needs in the Body which will require increased giving to the Benevolent Fund to be able to meet. Please give generously, out of gratitude to God for His provision for you.

*CARE12twenty4 *The CARE12twenty4 ministry is up and running. Brochures are available. If you want to be an active part of care at Westwood or if you have a care need, contact Don or Ginny Retallack.

*TECH TEAM HELP *We are looking to add depth to our Tech Team. Are you interested in being a part of our Sunday morning ministry as a computer or light board operator? If so, see Chip David or Ivan Johnson to get more information.

FINANCES *1/19/2015 – YTD DATA*

BUDGET $334,152





EXPENSES $340,651