*EASTER CHOIR *We need volunteers, especially men, for an Easter Choir, to sing on Sunday, April 5th. Please see Jaime Largaespada or Benjamin Howard, or simply note “Easter Choir” on your Communication Card *NO LATER THAN TODAY. *(There will be a brief meeting following today’s service at the front of the sanctuary.)

*REACHING OUT TO OUR COMMUNITY *The baskets in the lobby are empty and we are working to replenish supplies for the Bridges of America and *Clarcona Elementary School.*

For the Bridges, please bring: razors & shave cream,* toothbrushes & toothpaste, *soap, shampoo, deodorant, *comb/hair brush, *toilet paper

  • For the Clarcona teachers: *liquid hand soap, paper towels, *disinfecting wipes & spray,* pencils and big erasers

Here’s a chance for us to Be The Church to those in our community in a very practical way!

*CONGRATULATIONS! *Bridal Shower for Marina Solano, (engaged to Benjamin Howard), Saturday, February 28th, 3:00 PM, at the church. TODAY please RSVP on your Communication Card, or see Jaime Largaespada, Elaine Hargrave or Paula Torbert. Marina is registered at Bed Bath & Beyond and Target.

*Special Financial Needs *We have some significant needs in the Body which will require increased giving to the Benevolent Fund in order to be met. Also, additional expenses for the repair of the A/C. Please give generously over and above your regular tithe, out of gratitude to God for His provision for you.

INTERNATIONAL MISSIONS CONFERENCE *Sunday, March 1st*:10:30am—Rev.Larry Huddleston at Westwood

Wednesday, March 4th:7:00-9:00 pm: Westwood hosts the Missions Fair: Booths with fun activities, geared toward families and children highlighting Alliance Missions, manned by Small Groups

Saturday, March 7th:8:30am Pancake Breakfast at Westwood; The Haiti Mission Team will cook and serve. Donations accepted for the upcoming summer trip. Larry and Barb Huddleston speaking

4:00pm—Cookout at Roper YMCA, sponsored by Southwest, all are invited

Sunday, March 8th:10:00am—Larry at Southwest Church Service

*HAITI MISSIONS TRIP: JUNE 19-23, 2015 *Applications are now available for RED students and/or interested adults/families. The estimated cost is $1000.00/person. If you are considering participating, please come to a brief meeting in the Student Lounge immediately following the service.

FINANCES *2/16/2015 – YTD DATA*

BUDGET $365,976

General Fund Income & OTHER DESIGNATED INCOME $331,654




EXPENSES $362,490