June 7, 2015

Haiti Missions trip - June 19-23 *PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR * our Haiti Mission Trip team of 12 students and 6 adults. They are headed to Haiti in a couple of weeks to join No Child Hungry in their ministry to orphans. Fund-raising is almost complete, however donations are still being accepted to help underwrite the cost of the trip. Mark your offering envelope “Haiti Missions” if you would like to contribute. Also, below is a list of the supplies that are needed for the trip. If you can purchase any of these, please contact the church office ASAP and bring them to the church office no later than SUNDAY, JUNE 14th. *THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY IN BEING THE CHURCH TO OUR YOUNG FRIENDS IN HAITI! *70 Packs of Gum, 4 Large Jump Ropes, 4 Soccer Balls, 4 Kick Balls, 2 Hand Pumps, 30 Packs of PB or Cheese Crackers, 30 Hot Wheels Matchbox Cars, 70 Sticker books, 70 Notebooks/Colored Pencils), 40 Bracelets/Necklaces, 40 Individual Raisin/Craisin Packs, 70 Snack Sized Nuts, 30 Ball Caps, 70 Pairs Flip Flops, 10 Sets of Jacks Games, 10 Frisbees, 45 Bouncy balls.

*CLEAN HANDS, CLEAN HEART, CLEAN MIND! *Let’s begin SOAPing together. Each day go to westwoodchurch.com, click on Reading Plan, and then on *Click Here to Read Today’s Devotions. *

S – Once you’ve read, choose a specific *Scripture *verse/passage that God’s Spirit impresses on you and write it out.

O – Write your* Observations* about the passage says to you.

A – Write out the Application to your life right now.

P – Write out a brief Prayer of commitment and/or request based on the Scripture you chose.

*TOUCH THE LIFE OF A CHILD! CHILDREN’S MINISTRY OFFERS YOU THIS WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY TO SERVE! *To give our teachers and helpers a well-deserved rest for the summer months, we are looking for a couple more volunteers to work in the *CHILDREN’S MINISTRY (K-5th grade) ON SUNDAY MORNING AND WEDNESDAY NIGHT.* If you can give one Sunday, two Sundays, every other Sunday, or every Sunday, we have a place for you in our calendar. Please see Donna Howard right away to get plugged in to this wonderful opportunity to touch the lives of our kids!

VBS – JULY 20-24, 9 AM – 12 NOON *VBS* is just around the corner. Mark your calendars and gear up for a fun trip. We are headed to Camp Kilimanjaro. We need volunteers to help guide our children through this jungle safari, so check your calendars, and get ready to be a part of this fantastic journey. See Donna Howard. You can now register your child(ren) at westwoodchurch.com, Children, VBS 2015. Fill out and submit the form.

FINANCES *6/1/2015 – YTD DATA*

BUDGET $72,495

General Fund Income & OTHER DESIGNATED INCOME $77,712




EXPENSES $79,921