July 12, 2015

DISTRICT CONFERENCE  Westwood will host a 2-day District Conference September 18-19. We will need to put together a team of people who can help with arranging our building to accommodate the conference, and help gather, serve and clean up after snacks and lunch on the grounds. Conference begins at 1 pm on Friday, and ends at 4 pm on Saturday. We will set up on Thursday, September 17th, and re-set for services at 4 pm on Saturday, the 18th. If you are available in advance to organize, or on those days to help, please note “District Conference” on your Communication Card, or contact the office.

PRACTICALLY BEING THE CHURCH  Through the summer, we will continue collecting items to donate to the Bridges of America in Orlando. Please bring the following items and drop in the collection bin in the lobby: razors & shave cream, toothbrushes & toothpaste, soap, shampoo, deodorant, comb/hair brush, toilet paper

One more thing: One of the items given to the guys at the Bridge upon graduation is a new suit. We have been asked to collect neckties as a completer item. They can be gently used or new. Graduation is this coming Friday. Please bring your donated ties to the office in the next few days.

Thank you for your consistency in being The Church for our brothers at the Bridge!

VBS – JULY 20-24, 9 AM – 12 NOON VBS is next week. We are headed to Camp Kilimanjaro. If you haven’t already, be sure to register your child(ren) in the next couple of days at westwoodchurch.com/Children/VBS 2015. Fill out and submit the form.

SOME WAYS YOU CAN HELP (even if you aren’t available to be here for VBS)  All purchased craft items should have been returned today. If you took a card to purchase craft items for VBS, and you forgot them this morning, please make arrangements with Donna Howard to get them here in the next couple of days. There are still some cards on the tables in the lobby. If you can shop between now and Wednesday, pick up a card(s), put your name and email on the list next to the corresponding number(s), and arrange with Donna to get them here ASAP.

Also, besides the purchased items, we’re still collecting the following around-the-house items: 100 10 ¾ oz soup cans empty & cleaned,100 flat-topped 12-count egg cartons, 24 gallon plastic milk jugs, lots of used, but clean bath and hand towels Add some soup and eggs to your menu this week, and clean out that linen closet! We’ll be collecting these items through next Sunday, July 19th.

VBS VOLUNTEER MEETING  There will be a meeting for all VBS volunteer staff on Sunday, July 19th, at 5 pm. Pizza will be served. We'll make final preparations and decorate for VBS. Please sign up in the lobby so we know you will attend.

FINANCES *7/13/2015 – YTD DATA*

BUDGET $120,825





EXPENSES $118,271