September 30, 2018

GOOD NEWS CLUB - Good News Club at Prairie Lake Elementary is in full swing. We have about 70 students registered who, every week have the opportunity to hear the good news of the Gospel, and then share it at home with their families. Please pray with us for the GNC team, and especially for these students!

SECOND WEDNESDAY - October 10th is the next 2nd Wednesday. We hope you will make plans to join us, as adults, students and children gather together to pray for the ministry God has called us to, and for the needs of this congregation

SOAPING WEEKLY - In order to prepare your spirit for the message each week, S.O.A.P. through a passage (read the Scripture, make your Observation, find a specific Application, and write a Prayer) in advance of Sunday service. Suggested SOAPing Scripture passages for the next few weeks are: Oct 7 – Rom 8:35-39; Zeph 3:17; Is 54:10, Oct 14 – Ps 103:8-12; Rom 8:1, 33-34; Is 53:5-6, Oct 21 – Rom 8:28-29, 32; Ps 34:8-10; Ps 103:8-9, Oct 28 – Ps 99:1-9; Is 6:1-3; Heb 1:8-9.

FALL OUTREACH - October 31st - Here's another chance for us to be The Church. We will take the component parts of our traditional Fall Fest, and set up in the Reflections neighborhood, where the practice is to have a costume parade every Halloween. Residents set up at the end of their driveways and pass out candy as the "parade" progresses around the neighborhood. We will set up concessions and carnival games, giving us an opportunity to connect and begin to build relationship with children and their parents. We would love to have your help manning the game booths or concession stand, and greeting. Parents, you are welcome to bring your children to participate in this family-friendly, safe trick-or-treating event. The parade starts at 5:30 pm on Wednesday, October 31st. Set-up will be going on most of the afternoon, if you are available to help with that. There will be no children's or youth programs at Westwood that evening.

COLLECTING ITEMS FOR FALL OUTREACH - At the end of the Fall Outreach event, kids will have the opportunity to turn in their tickets for a prize bag. You can help provide small items to fill the bags. The most efficient and cost-effective plan is for us to collect funds and purchase all the items online. If you can give, over and above your normal giving, please mark your envelop “Fall Outreach.” All funds need to be received by Sunday, October 14th, to give time for purchase, delivery & assembly.