November 4, 2018

VOTE!!! - If you haven’t already, be sure to take some time this coming Tuesday, November 6th, to go to your polling place and cast your vote. It is a remarkable privilege, and a tremendous responsibility which many in our world do not have, and which we must not neglect or take for granted. If you still need some help figuring out where candidates stand on issues or what the proposed amendments mean, there are good resources available to help you. Ask someone you trust for direction if you can’t find them on your own.

SECOND WEDNESDAY - Wednesday, November 14th, we will gather all together – adults, students and children – to pray for the needs of this Body, for God’s direction and provision, and for His work in our world. Please plan to join us at 7pm.

CONTACT & PRAY FOR MICHELLE - Michelle Sejour has started basic training for her service in the United States Navy. Please continue praying for her as she works her way through this first, sometimes grueling part of her Navy career. Michelle will certainly appreciate hearing from you as well.

THANKSGIVING BASKETS - As we look toward Thanksgiving (November 22nd), we are making plans to again bless 40 families at Prairie Lake Elementary with a full Thanksgiving dinner. This year, you will have the option to purchase a complete meal by contributing $25 (or ½ meal for $12.50), and we will do the shopping for you. If you prefer to do your own shopping, and maybe find those BOGO deals, there are baskets on the Information Desk with tickets for needed items. Take as many as you can, and please be sure to return all items by Sunday, November 18th, when baskets will be assembled, and then distributed to families the Monday & Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Please note: If you choose to bring dinner rolls, they should be fresh (not packaged/refrigerated), and should not be purchased before the November 18th weekend. Thank you for your generosity in giving others even more reason for thankfulness!

SOAPING WEEKLY - In order to prepare your spirit for the message each week, S.O.A.P. through a passage (read the Scripture, make your Observation, find a specific Application, and write a Prayer) in advance of Sunday service. Suggested SOAPing Scripture passages for the next few weeks are: Nov 11 – God’s Grace & Sufficiency II Cor 12:9; Eph 1:2-8; Eph 2:4-9; Nov 18 – God’s Faithfulness & Dependability Ps 89:1-2; I Thes 5:23-24; Ps 119:89-91; Nov 25 – God’s Worthiness & Glory Rev 5:12-14; Ps 96:7-10; Is 9:6-7.