April 22, 2018

RED PRAYER INITIATIVE - The fourth Sunday of each month is when we gather to pray specific for our Student Ministry.  You are invited to join us this afternoon at 4pm at Vicki Hardy’s home – 17505 Sunset Terrace, Winter Garden.  Everyone, but especially student sponsors and parents of students, is encouraged to come and see how God has already answered prayers, then lean into Him with us as we engage Him on behalf of our students and team. 

BABY SHOWER - Women of Westwood, please join us on Thursday, April 26th, at 6:30 pm, as we welcome Ryder Ellenberger (2-month-old son of Loren & Maria), and shower him with gifts and love.  Vanessa Johnson will host in her home. RSVP to Gayle Stanley.

WALK FOR LIFE - Choices Women’s Clinic is sponsoring the Walk for Life fundraiser again this year to raise funds for the operation of the clinic as we seek to impact our community with the message of the Gospel.  You can join the effort by signing up for the 1-mile walk on April 28th at Baldwin Park, and by recruiting others to sponsor you.  Sponsor forms are available at the Information Desk.  You can also sign up online at choicesministries.org/walkforlife.

SOAPING WEEKLY - In order to prepare your spirit for the message each week, S.O.A.P. through a passage (read the Scripture, make your Observation, find a specific Application, and write a Prayer) in advance of Sunday service.  Suggested SOAPing Scripture passage for next week is:: April 29 – Galatians 5:16-25

SEEK CONFERENCE – MAY 4-5 - Since C&MA national council convenes every 2 years, the national office has elected to hold “mini-councils” on the off years.  May 4-5, one of them will be held at Deltona Alliance, making it possible for anyone and everyone to participate and get a feel for the council gathering.  Our staff will all attend, and we are encouraging any of you who can to join us.  There will be a service Friday night at 7:30, where our president, John Stumbo will speak, and then two large group sessions, and two breakout sessions on Saturday between 8:30 am and 5 pm.  Go to sedcma.org to get more information and to register. It’s only $25/person and includes lunch on Saturday.

GOOD NEWS CLUB - Remember to pray for our team of volunteers who bring the Gospel to Prairie Lake Elementary every Friday afternoon.  And, pray for the children who are hearing the Gospel presented, that their hearts will be open and receptive to the Good News!  We only have a couple more weeks of club, and then will host families of PLE students for Good News Club Sunday on May 6th.

PRAYER CHAIN - In case you are not aware, there is a great opportunity to regularly participate in prayer for this Body as a member of the Prayer Chain.  Just fill out a Communication Card requesting to be added to the list, and include your email.  You  will receive a weekly email with prayer requests.  And, it you have a request you would like to have prayed for, summarize it on your Communication Card and drop it in the offering bucket as it passes.