September 9, 2018

SECOND WEDNESDAY - This coming Wednesday, September 12th, we will gather for prayer as we do each second Wednesday. This month we will hear an update from Lexi McNair, have an opportunity to pray specifically for the ministry in Germany to which God is calling her, and say our farewells. There’s a rumor that there may even be some German food to sample. Everyone is encouraged to come, hear and pray!

NEW SMALL GROUP OPPORTUNITY - FINANCIAL PEACE UNIVERSITY – This study of Biblical financial principles, taught by Dave Ramsey, and facilitated by Jereme and Stacey Burke, will be offered to everyone on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 pm, beginning September 19th. It is a nine session course. The group will meet every Wednesday evening through November 14th. If you would like to get a better grip on your own financial situation, and you want to have a better understanding of God’s perspective of stewardship, this group will be just the ticket. Make this a priority, and block off the time on your calendar. Contact the Burkes or the office to sign up.

5TH SUNDAY CHOIR - Choir will lead us in worship again on September 30th. Whether you have been in the choir in the past or not, you are welcome. See Jaime Largaespada for details & practice music.

GOOD NEWS CLUB - Good News Club begins again at Prairie Lake Elementary this coming Wednesday, September 12th (yes, we are moving from Friday to Wednesday). Please pray with us for the GNC team, and especially for the students God has for us to reach! And, if you would like to be a part of this very important ministry, please contact Donna Rodgers.

DISTRICT CONFERENCE - Some of our staff will attend District Conference between September 17th and 19th. There may be times during that week when the office won’t be open normal hours. You might want to call before stopping by. And, be sure to be praying for the conference as we elect a new District Superintendent.

NEW STOCK - You may notice new Communication Cards and pens in front of you. If you are nostalgic for the Westwood pens, feel free to take as many as you want from the table in the lobby.

SOAPING WEEKLY - In order to prepare your spirit for the message each week, S.O.A.P. through a passage (read the Scripture, make your Observation, find a specific Application, and write a Prayer) in advance of Sunday service. Suggested SOAPing Scripture passages for this month: Sep 16 – Ps 27:4; Ps 36:7-8; Phil 3:7-8; Sep 23 – Jer 9:23-24; II Cor 4:6; Eph 1:17-19; Sep 30 – Ps 33:6-9; Ps 135:5-6; Heb 1:3