February 21, 2016

WELCOME Please welcome Rev Mark Shady and his wife, Vivian, to our worship service this morning. They are serving as international workers with the C&MA in Bosnia Herzegovina. Mark will bring the message from God’s Word to us this morning.

FEBRUARY: INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES MONTH February is International Ministries Month. We are hearing messages about C&MA International Ministries, and from the Other Missions groups/individuals we regularly support through our missions giving. We trust you are being informed and challenged each week.

FRIEND DAY Westwood’s Friend Day will be Sunday, March 6th. See the sign-up on the bulletin board by the sound booth. Invitations are available on the back table. We’ve been praying about who to invite. This week and next let’s take the opportunity to invite a friend to worship with us.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE Please be in prayer with the Nominating Committee as they go through the process of nominating men from the congregation to fill Elder positons. After their deliberations are complete we will vote in a Congregational Meeting in March.

8THIRTY8  The 8thirty8 challenge calls you to specific prayer for brothers and sisters in Christ who are in danger because of their faith. Here’s what you do: set your watch or phone to 8:38 pm, and when the alarm goes off, pray for those who, because of their faith in Christ, are in prison, persecution or danger.

THE COMPASSION EXPERIENCE The Compassion Experience is coming to Central Florida. This opportunity to experience the developing world is being offered by Compassion International at the West Orlando Church, 1301 E Bay St, Winter Garden, February 26-29. This free event features an interactive journey through the true stories of children living in developing countries like the Philippines, Kenya, Uganda and the Dominican Republic. In over 2,000 square feet of interactive exhibit space, visitors will step inside homes, markets and schools — without getting on a plane. Each child's story starts in poverty but ends in hope. As we come to the end of our International Ministries month, everyone is encouraged to continue the journey and conversation by attending with your family, friends and neighbors. You should reserve a time slot in advance: http://cts.compassion.com/events/375


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