December 13, 1015

BRIDGE CHRISTMAS FAMILY DAY A big thank you to all who volunteered for The Bridge Christmas Family Day, either by donating gifts for their children, or by serving at The Bridge yesterday. This was another opportunity to be The Church to those in our community.

STUDENT MINISTRIES DIRECTOR Our Elder team is in the process of seeking someone to serve as Student Ministries Director. Please be praying for the Elders in their search, and for the young man or woman God has prepared, and is calling, to serve with us in this position.

YEAR-END OFFERING Thank you for your generous giving to the C&MA year-end offering; the total received and sent for International Ministry was $1,553.

CHRISTMAS EVE SERVICE The service will be at 6 pm. Our Sunday School Kids will be performing the Christmas play: *Christmas in Genesis? How Could This Be?* We will also have the traditional candlelighting. Make plans now to join us with your family on the 24th.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROUS DONATIONS The men from the Orlando Bridge are very grateful for the donations of jackets and coats they received over the past couple of months! We’re pretty confident that before long our weather will cool off enough for them to be put to good use.  Also, thank you all for your generosity in giving to our collection of items for children in Foster Care! We may never know the full impact on these “kids from hard places” until we are able to look back into time from eternity, but we know that we are at least making some difference.

RECYCLING Remember, there are recycling bins located at the back of the sanctuary by the sound booth. Please deposit paper in the blue bin, and EMPTY bottles and cups in the red bin. Thank you for joining us in our ecological stewardship.


BUDGET $289,980


EXPENSES $281,652