October 9, 2016

FALL FEST, WED. OCTOBER 26TH Westwood will sponsor this event for our K-5th kids, and invite our surrounding community. We need carnival type prizes for the kids such as: Bulk Novelties, Bubbles, Bouncy Balls, Plastic Animal Figures, Spinning Tops, Plastic People Figures, Play Jewelry, Stickers, Small Plush Items, Finger Puppets. US Toy Store (in Apopka) is a great resource. They sell bags full of small prizes of all kinds. Please place your items in the bin in the lobby.

40 DAYS OF LOVE Remember to pray for those on your list each day during these 40 days. Look for ways to serve and care for them. And, be ready for opportunities to share the Good News with them as we, together, impact Central Florida for the Kingdom!

DODGED A HURRICANE! As we express our gratitude that hurricane Matthew's impact was so minimal on Central Florida, let's remember to pray for others in our state, up the east coast, and of course Haiti and the Caribbean, who were devastated by this massive storm's effects!

DIRECTORIES AVAILABLE See Amanda at the Information Desk to pick up your copy of the Pictorial Directory. They are available to anyone who would like to have one until they are gone.

CHOIR On Sunday, October 30th, we will again be led in worship by our choir. Everyone is welcome to be part of the choir. Whether you have sung with us before or not, let Jaime Largaespada know if you are interested in participating.

SECOND WEDNESDAY Join us this Wednesday, October 12th for 2nd Wednesday prayer. Bring your 40 Days of Love names with you.

GOOD NEWS CLUB (GNC) Please pray for the core team of 12 who will be operating the GNC at Prairie Lake Elementary school starting in late October. Their training was held at Westwood yesterday, and they are ready to go! And remember to pray diligently for the students who will attend, and hear, perhaps for the first time, the message of the Gospel!

KEEP THE BRIDGE OPEN Everyone is encouraged to join us as we encourage the Department of Corrections and our state government to keep The Bridges of America program going. Sign the petition and contact our governor and secretary at keepthebridgeopen.com.

M.I.A ITEMS If you have borrowed items and failed to return them, please do so ASAP. We especially need for our 6’ and 8’ white plastic-top tables, and an ionizer. Some of our lost sheep have returned to the fold. Thank you to those of you who brought them back. Please keep looking for anything you might have borrowed in recent months!